About Us


Know our History

We are a family company that has been working with eggs for more than 40 years and we know exactly the benefits that this product can give us, the correct ways to elaborate it and above all what difference can exist between the different egg producers, that is to say, the differences between a quality egg from free range hens and an egg from hens exploited for mass consumption, something that we do not like at all.

Throughout our history, we have traveled to more than 50 countries in order to learn about the most significant and impressive egg varieties in the world in terms of nutritional quality. These trips, the experiences and the work of the whole team, were what made us gather all the necessary data to transform them into knowledge and implement it in egg production. Today our company is considered one of the most powerful in Europe and it is all thanks to the passion and dedication we have always had to offer you the best food.

We always had in mind to produce a product that was committed to the environment, did not pollute, had a great nutritional potential and above all, that you could enjoy eating it. We are from Spain and it is no surprise to anyone that Spain is a country where gastronomy plays a very important role. We all know that people here love to go out to dinner, enjoy food with friends, take it in a special way and feel every dining experience as unique.

More About Us

During all our travels we realized that there are many countries where for them food is just a method of nourishment and not a pleasure, i.e. a mere formality. This is something that was difficult to understand, as food is something that should be enjoyed while eating. In relation to this, we have also been observing for the last 3 years until today a change in the consumption trend at European level, as there were large countries that were beginning to choose alternative foods over meat or fish as the main source of protein.

At that time it was clear to us: if the egg is well selected, it can be a product that has little impact on nature, can be obtained from free-range hens and also offers extremely good nutritional value.

We had the tools to develop a product that fulfilled these values and commitments and was also a pleasure to eat. Thus was born the idea of making a protein pancake batter, with no environmental impact, quick to cook and that is also very very good and after more than 150 product tests, the pancake batter with the best nutritional values on the market was born.

Dare to try it in delicious recipes, as breakfast or as a main meal. Enjoy it at home, on your way to work or with friends. Start improving your health in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way while you satiate and enjoy. Choose Ovoluxion, the evolution of food.