We love to eat and enjoy the world we live in, so it is essential for the entire Ovoluxion team to take care of it in order to continue doing so. For us it was non-negotiable to achieve a food that is respectful with the environment, that helps to reduce gas emissions and that fights against light, water and air pollution. 

Producing 1 kilo of veal means 15,400 liters of water, which has a direct impact on our planet and causes a great environmental impact. Pork, chicken or lamb follow the same dynamics, so reversing this situation of pollution is in our hands. By consuming Ovoluxion we will be able to save more than 95% in water, more than 90% in gas emissions and more than 55% in energy, which will have a beneficial impact on our planet.

Eating in a healthy way, respecting animals, satiating yourself and enjoying the food and while you contribute to save the planet is possible thanks to Ovoluxion. Bet on the healthy and real alternative to meat consumption.