Matter of Taste

We have carried out more than 150 product tests to find the ideal flavors that you will be able to taste in Ovoluxion. All of them have been selected in the most exhaustive way and tested with different drinks and different accompaniments/food so that when you take the first bite, you will find a unique and incomparable taste. Whether it’s because of all the work we did 30 years ago or because of our passion for eggs, we have come up with flavors that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try.

For us, eating is not just a formality, that’s why we wanted to reflect the best flavors in our doughs, so that you will find a unique and tasty product. We love to satiate ourselves at every meal and that’s why we had the obsession that our pancakes, besides being satiating and nutritious, were very very very tasty.

Ideal for any recipe, sweet or savory, the pancakes emulate the taste of the purest chocolate, the sweetest vanilla from Madagascar or the most natural touches of honey in freshly picked Spanish oranges. These are some of the flavors we have achieved. Dare to try these and others in the pancakes that are the first step towards the food of the future.